26 - 28 June, 2018
Bremen, Germany

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Offshore Foundations 2018 Agenda

 See the whole program of next generation foundation designs, fabrication processes and materials, and installation techniques by downloading the agenda

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Top 7 news on Offshore Foundations

Europe’s offshore wind industry is booming, with a 25% boost in capacity during 2017. Read the news article and find out what the top news in the industry are!

Expert interviews with Fraunhofer IWES and JBO

Mareike Leimeister, Research Associate at Fraunhofer IWES, and Frank Ostermann, Head of Loads and Structural Dynamics at JBO, discuss major foundation developments and future trends.

Paper on analytical assessment of sea ice-induced FLI for offshore wind turbine monopiles

In this paper, an analytical method is presented to assess FLI (Frequency lock-in) of monopile support structures for offshore wind turbines, subjected to loading by floating sea ice. In this paper, Dr. Ing. Marc Seidel,  Senior Key Expert Support Structures,  Siemens Gamesa, and Hayo H ...

Floating foundations - Taking offshore technology into deep waters

The successful launch of the first commercial floating wind farm off the Scottish coast has attracted global interest in this new promising technology. Could floating wind farms be the future of energy? If so, what barriers must be overcome and what benefits lay ahead for the industry?


OWT presentation on Concepts of fatigue design in splash zones

Stefan Dörfeldt, Technical Manager at OWT GmbH in Germany, presented at last year’s Offshore Foundations event on “Concepts of fatigue design in splash zones“. Read the presentation and find out more on consequences to inspection and maintenance that these concepts have.

COWI presentation on Fatigue Life Re-Assessment Based on Measurements

Download your free-exclusive presentation to get informed and learn about the calibration of structural model results, measured eigen frequencies, dampening, and his proposed outlook on cost savings. Get the presentation - "Fatigue Life Re-Assessment Based on Measurements" from IQPC here:

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