4-6 July, 2017
Bremen, Germany

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Offshore Foundations 2017 Agenda

 See the whole program of next generation foundation designs, fabrication processes and materials, and installation techniques by downloading the... Read More


Interview with Bernard van Hemert from Gemini Wind Farm

Bernard van Hemert from Gemini Wind Farm speaks in an exclusive interview about the future of offshore wind foundations and prospective improvement strategies. Download the full interview to learn... Read More

Interview with Michael Stephenson

In this exclusive interview with IQPC, Michael Stephenson, speaker at the 7th Offshore Foundations conference and associate of the Carbon Trust's Offshore Wind Accelerator, argues that floating foundations are the most promising solution to the challenges of moving wind parks further offshore.Learn more about overcoming the challenges of this... Read More


Technical and Supply Chain Criteria for Gravity Base Foundations

Gordon Jackson, Director Marine & Offshore Structures at Arup, presents a holistic case for gravity-base foundations. He discusses the current technologies, requirements for fabrication and installation, and the commercial viability for various project specifications. Additionally, he presents solutions from real-life use cases and argues for the... Read More


Innovative Foundation Monitoring Solutions for Windfarm-Wide Lifetime Assessment

This OWI Lab report goes into detail on what specific monitoring techniques of existing wind farm substructures are necessary to gain insights into fatigue life for design optimisation of future wind farms.Download the report to find out why OWI Lab argues for in situ vs. lab monitoring of large offshore structural components in existing wind... Read More

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The Development of Suction Buckets for Offshore Wind Foundations

With foundations moving farther from shore, suction buckets are one of the most promising foundation types with various prototypes already installed. Four projects were awarded funding, including Universal Foundations Mono Bucket, and SPT Offshores Suction Bucket Jacket.Read more about the suction buckets already being installed in the article... Read More

Design Optimization for Offshore Foundations

Structural design of offshore wind turbine support structures is a complex process which has many challenges. In particular in the early phase of a project it is difficult to select the appropriate structural concept and to determine structural masses with reasonable accuracy, without having to go through a time-consuming iterative process.Read... Read More


Ramboll presents: Monopiles – Possibilities for future wind farms

The future for monopile designs In this presentation Ben Wysome, Head of Wind & Towers Department at Ramboll UK, discusses advantages and disadvantages of using monopiles as well as latest developments and limitations in monopile... Read More


Flanges and More - Offshore Foundations

Edwin van de Brug from Van Oord Offshore Wind Projects presents various types of frame and platform installations and designs. He also highlights the limitations of several offshore wind farms. Download the presentation to learn... Read More

COWI presents: Wave load sensitivity of XXL Monopiles

Jorgen Kvaleid, Chief Specialist Hydrodynamics at COWI Oslo gave a presentation on last year's conference about wave load sensitivity of XXL Monopiles including trends and their effect, time domain versus frequency domain, discretization of Hs - Tp scatter tables and NSS, FLS,... Read More


Offshore Foundations - Interview with Dr.-Ing. Tim Fischer, Vice Director at Ramboll Wind & Towers

What impact will larger offshore turbines have on foundation structures (from both design and cost perspectives)?Where is the trend going towards?Read the full interview... Read More